Sunday, May 18, 2014

Resort in Lemery: CML Beach Resort & Waterpark

CML Beach Resort is the newest beach resort in Nonong Casto, Lemery Batangas.

I like newly opened resorts since my chances of experiencing clean,well maintained place is high. Moreover, new resorts like CML, looks good on photos.  CML looks good especially at night when their hotel and pool lighting are turned on.

Prepare to try  their long winding slide. Its not that long compared to Splash island but its definitely competitive to  the slides of other resorts in Nonong Casto.

CML also offers hotel accomodation and they also have restaurant. As of this writing, their  facebook page CML facebook shows a high rating review of 4.5.

Just like in other resorts in Nonong Casto, if you have a car, watch out for jam packed parking lots especially during peak seasons like Holy Week and summer time.

CML is not the only resort in Lemery. There are more resorts in Lemery and more resorts spreat out across Batangas. To give you a rough idea on the vastness of Batangas resorts and travel destinations, visit Resorts in Batangas (The Blog) and Batangas Beach Resorts Facebook


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